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Our focus on craftsmanship ensures that your pieces can be worn for years to come with the proper care. Below are some tips to keep your Jewelry shining!



A Kyle Cavan Anti-Tarnish Bag is provided with each purchase and is designed to protect your Jewelry from tarnishing. Store your pieces here to keep them shining for a long time to come. 

    Kyle Cavan Polishing Cloth is provided to help clean your Jewelry should the occasion arise. Suitable for 14K Gold, Cavan Gold, Sterling Silver, and Gemstones, simply wipe down your Jewelry after each wear to maintain its shine. 


      Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and combined with other alloys such as copper to create a malleable material. While extremely durable, Sterling Silver must be carefully cared for to ensure its long lasting shine.



      The more you wear, the better you care! Frequently wearing Sterling Silver helps to keep it from tarnishing due to your body’s natural oils. Try to wear your Silver Jewelry as much as possible to keep its shine! 

      Sterling Silver is very sensitive to harsh chemicals, such as household  cleaning solutions and high levels of Sulfur. Be sure to remove all your Silver Jewelry before engaging with harsh chemical products to avoid tarnishing. 

       Avoid leaving your Silver in sunlight  for long periods of time, as excessive sunlight exposure tarnishes Silver.

      To remove heavier Tarnish, gently wash your Silver Jewelry with warm water and mild soap. 

      Oils, Perfumes, and other beauty products can wear down Silver. Be sure to keep your Jewelry adornment as your last beauty ritual step. Save the best for last!  



      Cavan Gold pieces are created from a base of Sterling Silver which are plated in our unique Kyle Cavan 12K Yellow Gold. Due to its mix of alloys, Cavan Gold provides the maximum amount of durability and shine. Made to be your trusty companion on any adventure, our Cavan Gold Jewelry will shine bright wherever you choose to go! 



      Store your Cavan Gold Jewelry in an airtight space to keep its luster, as excessive exposure to oxygen may cause it to tarnish.

      Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals, water, perfumes, oils, perspiration, and cleaning products. Contact with these various elements can remove the Gold Plating finish of your Jewelry.

      Be sure that your Jewelry is fully dry before wearing it or storing it away.

      Please contact with any questions you have on repairing your gold-plated jewelry.


      14K Gold: 

      14K Gold offers an ideal depth of color and shine. Its premium quality guarantees that your Jewelry will stay with you for a lifetime of special occasions.  While extremely durable, 14K gold can also get scratched if treated roughly. Proper care is vital to ensure its long lasting luster. 



      Frequent use of your Kyle Cavan Polishing Cloth can minimize the appearance of scratches.


      Be sure to avoid Chlorine specifically with 14K Gold, as contact with Chlorine may lead to corrosion.

      Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and store your 14K Gold pieces in an airtight storage space to ensure the long lasting life of your Jewelry. 

      Our team is available to polish, steam, and buff out Gold pieces when required. Please contact to be accommodated. 

      Jewelry Care