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5 Minutes With Fatou, Howard

5 Minutes With Fatou, Howard

Dec 08, 2020

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"I define my work and I am happy,” Fatou Drammeh, a junior journalism & media major at Howard University, read to me from her daily manifestation deck. She told me that pulling a card from the deck each morning had become a “ great way to guide my day to add some positivity”. And despite all of Fatou’s classes going online for the year, she did speak with a positive outlook of her future, and emphasized how she has remained connected to her college communities even from her home in Maryland. In this edition of MMXX, Fatou told me about Howard fostering her interest in media, her style becoming defined by comfort,  and how she maintains positivity through daily routines. 


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To start, I would love to know if you have a Covid guilty pleasure? 


I have been watching more TV than I had prior to Covid. With classes completely online this semester, most of my time is spent on the computer. When I can finally shut my laptop, I just want to get sucked into other people's lives and stories. I have been watching a lot of Girlfriends, Sister Sister, and the Real Housewives on Bravo. I love a little reality TV; my family always watches Married at First Sight and 90 Day Fiancé together. 



Where are you staying right now with school being online this semester?  Do you have a favorite part of your space? 


Yes, I’ve been living at home in Maryland taking classes online. When I first came home my room was in shambles. I hadn’t paid much attention to the space since I moved to college, and I had nothing in her room that really made it my room. After some redecorating, I would say the elements that really make it my space would be my calendar, plants, and a deck of manifestation cards. Every morning I shuffle the deck and pick out a card to guide my day to add some positivity. Like today, my card said ‘I define my work and I am happy’. 

I’m sitting at a desk all day on Zoom calls, so I want to keep it professional but keep it comfy.

How would you describe your style? Has it shifted this year?


I would describe my style as simple and comfortable. Those are my big two requirements. When it comes to what I wear, more than anything, it's important for me to be comfortable. I’m sitting at a desk all day on Zoom calls, so I want to keep it professional but keep it comfy. I love neutrals and classic looks, and when it comes to jewelry, I am big fan of classic and dainty (like our Howard Collection!). 



Do you have any daily routines? 


I have a few! Every morning I do my skin care routine to reset from the night before and start the day fresh. Then I’ll make a cup of tea or coffee every morning. Lately it’s been tea mostly. Then I listen to a podcast or playlist to have some sound to ease into your day, and get ready for the noise throughout the day. Lately I’ve been listening to the podcasts Unpack and Bounce Back!

I have always been interested in writing and storytelling, and I have also been a strong advocate for social justice. So, media and communications seemed like the perfect fit.


You’re majoring in media, communications, and journalism, right?  I would love to hear what inspired you to choose this major. And is there a class this semester you’re excited for? 


I went through a big flip concerning ‘what I want to do’ in highschool. Originally, I wanted to go into medicine, possibly dermatology. Then I was thinking about Psychology, but after taking a class my junior year in high school, I knew my heart just wasn't in it. I turned to my sister and brother to try to figure out what I was passionate enough about to turn into a career. I have always been interested in writing and storytelling, and I have also been a strong advocate for social justice. So, media and communications seemed like the perfect fit. And Howard approaches media from a unique point of view that's been great. The class I’m taking for my minor in African American studies is my favorite class this semester. The professor is really passionate. I'm finding it really fulfilling and really enlightening. 

I would love to hear more about what you do when you’re not studying. I saw that you were a part of Hot at Howard. Can you describe what that is, your current role?


Of course! Hot at Howard is the media source on Howard’s campus, not directly affiliated with the school. We give students updates with what's going on around campus, what’s going on in the city, remote life, and updates on other organizations. I’m the Director Of Public Relations, meaning I curate content on everything Howard for the organization's blog, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I also help with initiatives to create spaces for women on campus. For example we do pillow talks on youtube where we take questions from the student body, and talk about issues. 



And I saw you’re also a part of a business sorority on campus? 


Yes, I’ve recently joined the first black business sorority, Iota Phi Lambda. It’s been so great meeting so many different professional women and talking to them about their approach to business. It’s become a great supplement to what I’m learning in my classes. 



Lastly, is there anything you’re looking forward to? 


I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and family again!  Birthdays with friends, holidays with family. Phone calls and facetimes only do so much. I can’t wait to connect with people in person once it’s safe to do so again. 

Thank you Fatou for answering all our questions! Check her out on her blog or instagram! And don't forget to check out our *new* Howard Collection!