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Haley Seiba || Remaining Creative in Crisis


Haley Seiba || Remaining Creative in Crisis

Interview and Introduction by Caroline Skou, Holy Cross'20


When quarantine began, I thought this year's spring’s fashion trends would start and end with joggers, the occasional pair of over-ripped mom jeans, and tee shirts galore. Though I strongly believe that one should dress for themselves, it was easy to keep my closet closed and live exclusively in free shirts I had acquired over the years, rather than dress up when the only person to see me day in and day out would be my mother. But as I enter week 8 quarantined in my childhood bedroom, I have started to find out that opening my closet, putting on that springtime dress I impulsively bought in January, and throwing on too many necklaces to count has allowed me to look good and feel good. It might sound dramatic, but I have found that remaining creative in this time of crisis, even if it’s just thrift-flipping my mom’s old sweaters, has helped me remain positive. 

After talking to Haley Seiba, a senior retail marketing major at Texas A&M, I found out I wasn’t alone in this thought process. When I first started to talk to Haley about her experiences as a college senior we chatted about where she was when she got the infamous email about college closing, if she would have a graduation, if her job plans were set. But our conversation quickly evolved into conversations about her fashion internship in Milan, her experience at NY fashion week, and how we were both staying creative at home.  

 The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed lives, disrupted economies, and changed daily existence as we know it. It has also shown us how strong we can be, and how creative, even in isolation. So for this installment of the Class of MMXX series, I talked to Haley about her personal style, and how she has remained creative and inspired amidst this pandemic 

The best way I could describe my style is that it's a representation of my personality. I LOVE color, I need color in my life; so that includes my clothes too

How would you describe your personal style?

Let's see! My style I feel like is a little all over the place sometimes, because there are so many styles and looks that I like. I guess the best way I could describe my style is that it's a representation of my personality. I LOVE color, I need color in my life; so that includes my clothes too. I love pastel colors most so when it hits spring/summer you'll always see me in light colors, because they make me happy. I guess one way you could describe my style (like my friends say a lot) is that "Twitter Italy aesthetic" if that makes sense.. I can't really think of a word to describe that but I can send pictures for reference if you'd like. Overall, I think I would classify my style as mostly chic, with some street style in there for sure - I love sneakers and have recently been getting more into it. 

When did you first become interested in fashion? 

I first became interested in fashion when I was younger, like maybe in junior high. I always used to watch old movies with my mom, like Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's. etc. - so Audrey Hepburn was/is my icon and inspiration for fashion. I just absolutely loved watching her wear the most beautiful gowns in her movies, and she was so elegant and classic; I was drawn to her. But it wasn't until college that I really started learning more about fashion and designers and becoming really invested in it. To me, it's art and one of the best ways I can express my personality. 



How has your style changed in quarantine? Are you sticking to sweatpants or dressing up?

I'd say my style has definitely become a lot more casual and lazy, I guess. Lots of sweatpants and crop tops, and I've worn nothing else but sneakers when I go out. I'm a very colorful person though, so I still like to wear a lot of colors (especially pastels) but it's just more casual outfits now. I will say, though, that I've still been dressing up whenever I have to go out somewhere - just so I have something to do, and I don't feel gross all day LOL. I actually just recently started shopping online since I figured I won't be using my money on anything any time soon. I've been purchasing a couple things like this super cute bright blue blazer from Zara that was on sale, bright colored Nike sneakers that I'm obsessed with, and a velvet lavender sweatshirt from Nike!


I've been watching "Vogue Global Conversations" on zoom where you can tune in to watch different designers talk about whatever the topic was that day

I find that staying at home and doing the same thing day in and day out can feel bland. How are you staying inspired? 

I've actually been doing a lot of things to stay inspired. I have a ton of coffee table books on designers that I've been catching up with. Vogue had also been doing something called "Vogue Global Conversations" on zoom and you could tune in to watch different designers talk about whatever the topic was that day. So the first one I watched was with people from Balenciaga, Balmain, and Chloe on how fashion shows will change in the future. Each day had a different topic with different designers, so it was very interesting and cool to see them talk about how the pandemic is changing their brands and such. I also enrolled myself in this free course online from the French School of Fashion where Jacquemus did a lecture; super cool to hear him talk about fashion and how he started. Besides that, I've just been doing little things like putting outfits together in my head on what I'm going to wear as soon as I get out of quarantine LOL.


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