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5 Minutes with Simran Kortikere, UT

5 Minutes with Simran Kortikere, UT

Jan 31, 2024

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Simran is the definition of a woman on the go. As a senior at the University of Texas, tennis player and pre-med student, she is always working to do incredible things! As a VIP member of our Cavan Crew, she embodies the Kyle Cavan woman who is both fashionable and down-to-earth.

 Why did you choose to pursue pre-med?

 I realize there is a pretty big stigma around following your parents' footsteps. However, even though my mom works in family medicine and urgent care, her jobs were not the factor that pushed me toward pre-med. I have always gotten the most satisfaction when I put a smile on somebody else’s face, and this was the main factor in pursuing pre-med. I have shadowed other professions such as civil engineering, and hospital administration. In medicine, the gratification of putting a smile on a patient’s face is incomparable.

You seem incredibly ambitious! What inspired you to be a part of tennis and the workload associated with pre-med? 

Maintaining an active lifestyle is something my parents instilled in my brother and I at a young age. After trying various sports, tennis became the primary one that kept me balanced and gave me a perfect outlet from school. This statement may sound absurd, but by playing tennis at this competitive level, it soon became easier to manage pre-med. 
Additionally, it is inspiring to work with such hard-working and dedicated girls, and we are great about keeping each other motivated whether it is on the tennis court or in the classroom. 
With so much going on, what does your day-to-day look like during the school year?
On an average day-to-day basis: 
7:30 am: breakfast
8 am-12 pm: class (OCHEM Lab)
12 pm-12:30 pm: Lunch at dining hall
12:30 pm-2 pm: class (Physics class)
2:30 pm-4:30 pm: practice 
4:45 pm-5:45 pm: Fitness (conditioning or weights)
6 pm-7 pm: dinner at the dining hall
7:30 pm-8 pm: freshen up
8 pm-9:30 pm: homework 
10 pm: Sleep and reset!

What has UT brought to your life? How has your college career impacted you as a person?

The University of Texas and the city of Austin have shown me that there is a place for everyone to be open to experience. Throughout my college career, by adopting the mentality of being open to experiencing life, I have found more hobbies that I enjoy outside of tennis and school. For example, I have grown in my mental health through the practice of hot yoga, and I owe this mental clarity to Austin. 

 What does Kyle Cavan mean to you as a college student and athlete?

Kyle Cavan is a growing brand, which is a factor that I respect, as a student-athlete who also had to work my way up coming from a small town. This brand started small and has already grown so much, and I trust this brand has the potential to expand even more. Additionally, I love that Kyle Cavan has personalized jewelry for UT Austin and potentially for each sport because this concept translates to a piece of jewelry being a memento of my college experience.

 Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

 Five years from now, I see myself in my fourth year of medical school. Around this time, I will be deciding or have decided which residency program I am interested in pursuing. If my future is on the same track that I am thinking of now, the residency program I am interested in would be surgical residency with hopefully a specialization in cosmetic or plastic surgery. 

How has your life changed since starting your college career?

Since coming to the University of Texas, I have grown tremendously as an individual and a tennis player. I have always been the type of girl who needed to be productive 99% of the time, which sounds good in theory, but demanding this much out of myself would have eventually led to burn-out. Since starting my college career, I have realized certain factors that are important and indispensable to me. A few being family, friends, teammates, maintaining an active and social lifestyle, and trying new food spots. Thus, I have made more time for these factors, and my physical and mental health are thriving because of it!

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