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UGA Arch: Tradition, Superstition and Justice

UGA Arch: Tradition, Superstition and Justice

Feb 02, 2024

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The University of Georgia’s entrance is marked by an iron arch known as The UGA Arch. Full of tradition and superstition the arch is a special symbol for all Dawg nation!

A Little History


The UGA Arch was built in 1857 and has three pillars standing for wisdom, justice and moderation. The Arch was once part of an iron fence that surrounded the campus and was originally constructed with gates. 


Did you know? The UGA Arch’s gates allegedly disappeared as part of a prank way back in 1885!


Because of the Arch’s popularity and symbolism, it has become a common site for pranks and vandalism. The Arch has even stood through countless historic events, including the desegregation of UGA in 1961, the emergence of the automobile, and two world wars! It is also a common spot for political protests and demonstrations. 


Tradition & Superstition


Back in 1905, Daniel H. Redfearn, a freshman at the time, was reportedly “so moved by the symbolic meaning of the Arch that he vowed to never pass through it until he had his diploma in hand.” 


This brought on the tradition that students can't walk under the arch, or they won't graduate! There are also myths saying that if you walk under before grad, you could go bald or even become infertile. Crazy, right?! Despite how far-fetched these may seem, the UGA Arch is well respected by students and alumni. And walking under it is an honor reserved for grads. You can even tell by how worn the ground is around the arch vs under it.

It's a pretty awesome accomplishment to walk under the UGA Arch and students/alumni take great pride in taking pics and videos when they finally walk under it after grad.

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