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The Vintage College Collection

The Vintage College Collection


KYLE CAVAN is on a mission to celebrate the spirit of women with stylish collegiate jewelry collections they are proud to wear. That’s why we’re partnering with College Vault to deliver you our new Vintage College Collection!!

College Vault is a brand that believes school pride is a trend that should never fade alongside a retired college logo. That’s why the purpose of the College Vault has been to give new life to the retired logos, icons and images of these schools so that school pride continues to be passed down through generations. And since these vintage marks are protected, we’re excited to say that by partnering with College Vault, KYLE CAVAN  is the only jewelry company in the world with the exclusive rights to use them!

In fashion, vintage trends always come back into style, and what’s old becomes new again. But the one unwavering trend in fashion is Strong Women, who never go out of style. That’s why our new vintage collection is inspired by strong women, like yourself, who are paving the way for a brighter (more stylish!) future.  When designing our Vintage collection, we drew inspiration from women like Vivian Malone Jones, an Alabama alum who became the Executive Director of the Voter Education Project. We were inspired by Jan Davis, Georgia Tech alum who became an astronaut awarded with the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal. We were inspired by our mothers, female leaders, and every other woman who’s hard work allowed us to follow our passions today. But most importantly, this collection was inspired by you, the next generation that is already changing the world for the better. 

We don’t call fashion ‘old’, we call it vintage, timeless, and when it comes to jewelry, a collectible. When we founded KYLE CAVAN, we did so because we wanted more than just an old sweatshirt to commemorate our time at our universities. We wanted something to last as long as my memories. That's why we suggest you buy your Vintage piece in 14K Gold; designed for a night out or an active day, 14k is durable enough to last a lifetime. Strong women never fade, and neither should your jewelry.

We hope you are inspired by our collection, as much as we are inspired by you. 


Kyle & Elizabeth 


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