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The Coin Necklace: The Iconic Statement That Isn’t Going Anywhere

coin necklace jewelry style

The Coin Necklace: The Iconic Statement That Isn’t Going Anywhere

By Emma Flusk, Montclair State University Class of 2019

What 2019 style we covet was also adorned by people in Ancient Rome? Coin necklaces. One of the most versatile pieces of fashion jewelry today has a rich history dating back to the 3rd Century CE. From bold, intricate and elaborate heirlooms to subtle, petite, and elegant staples, the coin pendant is an iconic statement that isn’t going anywhere.

The jewelry classic definitely did not have humble beginnings. Coins were actually worn as earrings at first, which was a really common way to wear pendants around the time they first came around. When they were first worn as necklaces in Ancient Rome they often featured portraits of emperors.

These flashy little disks were also worn as brooches and fastened to girdles (a piece very similar to a belt). If anyone wants to make gold coin girdles a thing again, you totally have my permission!

Coin jewelry made from European silver coins made its mark in the 17th century among various Native American tribes in the New York State region according to Britannica.com.

Coin necklaces in 2019 come in countless styles. KYLE CAVAN is *unofficially* the number one fan of this classic piece, and we offer a variation of it for any woman. Our Florentine collection utilizes the Italian technique of creating little cross-hatch engraved lines around the perimeter of the pendant.The chain each Florentine comes on can be adjusted to be shorter or longer, so you have endless possibilities on styling it. The Sunburst is super sweet and feminine with unique edges giving the appearance of rays of sunshine. This looks beautiful alone, or layered with necklaces of the same metal.

Some may mistake the coin necklace to be just a trend, but whoever thinks that could not be more wrong. In recent years we are prioritizing true fashion, that never goes out of style, over forgettable/regrettable trends that change with the seasons. There’s a reason coin jewelry has been around for thousands of years. This year, be timeless.

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