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layering necklaces

Become a Layering Genius

Layers are back in, and we couldn’t be happier! 

Sep 20, 2018

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How to rock the “layered-look” this fall

Layers are back in and we couldn’t be happier. Maybe this is your first time wearing layers, or maybe you’re just looking for ways to spice up your ensemble. Whatever the case, here are some of our tips for rocking the layered-look this fall :) Afterwards, make sure to check out our Crest and Symbols Collection for inspiration! 

1. Make room for layers with a simple, open-neck top

There’s something to be said about layers on an exposed chest -and we are really feeling it this fall. Now, this is not to say that you can’t layer necklaces OVER a top -that’s cute too, but the jewelry usually doesn’t ‘glimmer’ the same way. Whether or not you choose a high neckline or a lower top, definitely consider wearing a simple top. Busy designs and fabrics will take attention away from your gorgeous layer ensemble...and we wouldn’t want that!

2. Mix up necklace lengths

This one might be obvious - but if you’re looking to purchase some pieces for your layer collection, consider choosing necklaces with different chain lengths. Don’t worry too much about creating equal distance between layers -we love the uneven, messy, I-just-put-this-together look.

Bonus idea: Try mixing chains! Throw in a roped or beaded chain for extra depth and texture.

3. Diversify your necklace collection

Sure, it will look good if you layer your multiple disc-shaped pieces -but let's mix it up too! Play with shape and size to make your layered-look more interesting. Try incorporating a bar necklace with a long lariat necklace and a centered chunky piece to add depth and flavor to your look.

4. Combine Metals 

Long gone are the days that you couldn’t combine silver jewelry and gold jewelry in the same look. Sure, this “combined-metal” look is not for every occasion, but it’s definitely worth doing to spice up your day to day all-silver ensemble. 


Shop our Crest and Symbols Collection to find the perfect pieces to layer!