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5 minutes with Dartmouth's Natalie Ludwig

5 minutes with cavan crew dartmouth fashion jewelry model natalie ludwig style

5 minutes with Dartmouth's Natalie Ludwig

Last semester we connected with #CavanCrew member and International Fashion Model Natalie Ludwig. Her decision to pursue an education at Dartmouth all while building a successful modeling career makes her a true trailblazer we admire here at KYLE CAVAN. Read more about her experience at Dartmouth, how she styles her Kyle Cavan jewelry and her exciting life as a fashion model. 

KC: Favorite things about Dartmouth?

NL: Definitely the open space. It’s so free and offers such a stark contrast to New York. I especially love the hikes; from the little fire tower, to Cardigan, to Franconia ridge. Each season comes with new outdoor activities, in the winter I love skiing at Killington or Stowe. For eating, the farmers market in Norwich can’t be beat! It’s so cute on Saturdays with their live music and fresh produce. In Hanover, my go to coffee spot is definitely dirt cowboy. Then, if I want to treat myself for a nice meal I go to Pine at the Hanover Inn.

Dartmouth is insanely unique, and I feel like I’ve had many lives throughout … as my friends came and graduated, I met new ones along the way. In my last term I definitely found “my people”, probably because I also found myself in a sense.

KC: How would you describe your personal style? Any favorite designers? 

NL: My style is evolving daily and is often influenced by my surroundings. At Dartmouth my outfits are more casual and bohemian, and in NY I still keep it relatively feminine but like to contrast with chunky boots and hoodies. My city wardrobe is commonly a lot of black clothing and my daywear is pretty sporty/ urban as I love walking everywhere.

KC: Most memorable moment from fashion week? 

NL: Walking in Versaces’ tribute show to mark the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death. The energy behind this show was unlike any was emotional yet insanely powerful.  

KC: You often travel internationally for fashion week as well as photo shoots. Any travel tips? 

NL: For Travel tips, here are my top five:

1.Go carry-on, it keeps things simple and you can explore the moment you land and not deal with the stress if your bag is lost in transit.

2. Drink LOTS of water

3. Bring your own food on the plane, you never know

4. Face mask in flight (I personally love SKII products). Your skin gets so dehydrated in the air, plus I love the weird looks I get.

5.Bring your new favorite read, it’s such a nice time to zone in and get into a book.

KC: Any secret talents? 

NL: I’m not very flexible, but for some reason I can do this crazy trick with a broom. lol you have to see it in person 

KC: Favorite restaurant (based on anywhere you’ve been!)

NL: La Huella in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. The atmosphere is so warm. The seating is kind of family style with people wandering around and chatting throughout; plus the décor is just right with light wooden chairs and blankets on the beach. Not to mention, fresh seafood and vegetables are my favorite.

KC:What are your plans for the future? How do you think your time at Dartmouth will influence them? 

NL: Dartmouth has made me realize I want, and need, to keep challenging myself. Although modeling is something I am really passionate about, I plan to place a heavy focus on philanthropic work as well. Additionally, I have a sustainable company in the works alongside some friends which I am really excited about!

KC: Role model? 

NL: Cameron Russell and Adwoa Aboah are absolute icons. They aren’t afraid to speak up and are doing so much to start important conversations surrounding mental health and power dynamics.   

KC: Tips for incoming freshman?

NL: Be open. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone, people will surprise you. Be adventurous and take in all Dartmouth has to offer- from it’s ski hill, incredible hikes, rope swings by the river, to taking professors for coffee.

Be open. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone, people will surprise you. 

KC: Tips for styling your Kyle Cavan Dartmouth Sunburst Necklace?  

NL: My go to would be layering mine with other gold jewelry, making a subtle statement with a simple white t, vintage Levis, and doc martens. Shop the Dartmouth Collection.

Kyle Cavan Dartmouth Sunburst Image


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