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Into the Jewelry Box - Jessica Garcia

Into the Jewelry Box - Jessica Garcia

Feb 29, 2024

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This week, we’re exploring how co-founder and director of business development, Jessica Garcia puts together her perfect stack as we delve… Into the Jewelry Box.

Jess has always been a lover of dainty jewelry and the ability to customize. Her stack is made up of a combination of TCU, her sorority and custom pieces! 

Jess’ Jewelry Faves 

Jess shows off her TCU pride with a TCU “Riff Ram” Organic Petite necklace and a TCU Frog Fountain necklace.
“My TCU Frog Fountain necklace for example is a reminder of when my friends and I jumped in the fountain our senior year before we graduated, a moment I will always cherish!” -Jess
Jess’ favorite piece in her collection is her custom 7-point diamond necklace with a Pisces design. She loves to layer it with a diamond ‘J’ charm and pair it with her Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings. So cute!
It’s not just her fave piece but also such a meaningful experience to be part of every step of the design process! 

Kyle Cavan + Jess

As a cofounder of Kyle Cavan, Jess' connection to the brand and its mission is special. She describes Kyle Cavan as " Innovation. Dreams. Family.". But more than that she is so passionate about the impact college years make and how important it is to commemorate such accomplishments. 

"College is such an impactful time in everyone's lives who gets the privilege to attend, and I love that we've created unique style pieces to commemorate such a special time with. Our pieces are more than just an addition to an outfit, each piece has its own unique story behind it. " -Jess