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Into the Jewelry Box — How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

cleaning jewelry college jewelry college style jewelry care

Into the Jewelry Box — How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

By Emma Flusk, Montclair State University Class of 2019

INTO THE JEWELRY BOX  is a total rip-off of Into The Gloss’ The Top Shelf. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery — so you’re welcome, ITG.

To kick off this series, we want to talk jewelry care. You’ve purchased your very own KYLE CAVAN piece, and now you have a sweet little reminder of your time in college. To ensure that your jewelry will last a lifetime, you need to take care of it. Here’s how:

Sterling Silver

Silver one of the easiest metals to take care of, but she needs a little care nonetheless. It can get dull or tarnished over time, especially when exposed to the air. Silver hates being left out, so be sure to store your piece in a bag or its own box so that it doesn’t get tangle with other jewelry. Before storing, be sure to wipe all perfumes and oils off the pendant and chain using a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber lens cloth. When you notice your jewelry needs to be freshened up, soak it in warm soapy water (by itself) and then clean with a very soft brush.

Cavan Gold

Cavan gold(™) is our unique Sterling Silver dipped in gold, giving the striking appearance of 14-carat gold but a more affordable option. To keep the finish looking forever pristine, there are a few steps. When putting on your jewelry, you need to make sure that all your perfume and lotion is completely dry. As much as you love your necklace, take it off before you go to the gym, go swimming, take a shower/bath, and when you go to bed. Cavan Gold doesn’t like the ocean or the beach as much as you do, so be sure to leave it at home. When storing, clean with a soft cloth (without abrasion) and put her away in a box or bag.


Enamel is an amazing way to add a bold splash of color to any look. To ensure that your jewelry doesn’t chip or fade over time, you need to take care of it. Avoid exposing it to lotions, perfumes, or any harsh chemicals. Clean with very mild soap and warm water, rubbing it gently with a soft cloth. Wipe down before you store it comfortably in its own bag or box.

14-Carat Gold

Gold is one of the softest metals so be sure to handle your piece with care. This metal is great because it doesn’t tarnish as easily as silver, but it’s still important to wipe it off and store separately as you do with other jewelry. You absolutely do not want to get it tangled with anything. If you notice your piece is getting a little dull, soak in warm soapy water and wipe it clean.

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