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5 Ways to Style Kyle Cavan Jewelry with 2019 Trends

gifts graduation jewelry style trends

5 Ways to Style Kyle Cavan Jewelry with 2019 Trends

By Caitlyn Park, Cornell University Class of 2022

What’s your New Year's Resolution? If you’re like most people, admittedly including me, you may have already broken yours. However, don’t panic because I’ve got a new one for you! Here’s to a year of celebration and 2019, make it your resolution to join me in celebrating your school with Kyle Cavan jewelry while elevating your style by incorporating the top fashion trends of 2019. Check out these five outfit inspirations/style boards that do both.

1. Date Night

This trendy, date night outfit is one that any girl in college would easily rock. The outfit is a great balance between both edginess and classiness. Edgier elements like the lacey bralette and the fun clear heels are juxtaposed with classier pieces like the baby pink, silk shirt and pearl earrings. As for accessories, layer our necklaces together to help elongate your body. For an extra challenge, try thrifting a silk shirt at your local thrift or consignment store. Bonus: this challenge is also environmentally sustainable!

2019 Trends: asymmetrical earrings, clear details on shoes and bags, beaded bag, “mom” jeans

2. Opening of an Art Gallery

While creating this look I wanted to form a modern, yet modest outfit that you could wear to an art gallery opening. Why an art gallery? Our enamel bracelets remind me of the art deco aesthetic of the 1930s. The beautiful pop of color against the shiny gold creates the perfect, versatile statement bracelet. Overall, this outfit is simple in its construction and can be replicated with different variations.

2019 Trends: cobalt blue color, animal print, square-toe shoes, scarf in hair, oversized sweaters

3. College Concert Series 

As a lover of music, one of my favorite hobbies in college has been checking out the local music scene both on- and off-campus. This outfit is something you can wear to a concert since it’s so comfortable. The look is pretty unisex in its composition and incorporates major street style trends that have recently emerged in 2018 & 2019. Pair your Kyle Cavan pieces with this early-adopter, grunge look. And, for extra warmth, consider adding a striped turtleneck under the t-shirt.

2019 Trends: utilitarian style, unisex style, “dad” sneakers, buckle belt, cargo pants

4. Spring Break

Be the best dressed this spring and summer in this look! For this fit, I drew inspiration from the quintessential college activity: heading to a tropical paradise with your best friends over spring break. This look exudes sophistication and could be worn by women of all ages. In this board, I styled the outfit with the Kyle Cavan compass necklace since this elegant necklace represents our journey and the adventurous spirit we possess when traveling.

2019 Trends: wire-frame sunglasses, paper-bag pants, bulkier gold earrings, mustard yellow color

5. Brunch in the City

Head out with your brunch bunch (or in our case your Cavan Crew) in this fashionable outfit that integrates playful patterns, colors, and textures. This last outfit pairs pieces that normally wouldn’t be put together, like a plain white t-shirt and a fancier floral slip dress. But, together they create a cohesive and chic fit that pays homage to trends of the 1990s like the layered t-shirt and slip dress combo along with the black square glasses. Accessorize with our enamel bracelet and organic necklace and you’re good to go!

2019 Trends: slip dress/t-shirt combination, trench coats, 90s nostalgia

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