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5 Minutes with Isabella Mills, Alabama

5 Minutes with Isabella Mills, Alabama

Jan 17, 2024

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Isabella Mills never saw herself going to college, being in a sorority or let alone being in Africa this month on a mission trip. But in 2019 she won Miss California’s Outstanding Teen and full ride to the University of Alabama! From there, everything started falling into place and she found her community in her peers, sorority sisters and church. 


Student Life at Alabama

As a dance major and sorority sister, Isabella found her support system in the amazing community she found at Alabama. Each person she became close to, impacted her life and helped shape the person she is today. 


Isabella’s journey to Bama was pretty short of ordinary.


Having danced since she was seven years old and being homeschooled, Isabella was on track to become a professional ballet dancer once she graduated high school. But her life did a complete 180 when the pandemic hit during her junior year. Virtual dance classes just weren't going to cut it when it came to auditioning for dance companies in the next few years. This led to the unexpected decision to cash in the full-ride to Alabama she had won as part of her Miss California win.  She applied to Alabama and the dance program and got in! This meant a lifestyle she had never imagined for herself and going from CA to AL was a complete culture shock. 


Isabella’s day to day as a dancer, sorority sister, student and active member of her church are as busy as you would imagine! From 1-2 academic classes, 1-2 dance classes, ARDT and Dance Alabama! Rehearsals in the evenings and bible reading and schoolwork and sorority bonding in her free time, she is always active and working with her community! But that was just the beginning, Isabella found that community in her church, dance team, sorority and peers that led her on the path she is today. 


“Many are probably still confused why I chose UA, but I was ready for it, and I have been changed for the better. And who wouldn't fall in love with Alabama football games?!!”


The Future and Kyle Cavan

In the future, Isabella hopes to continue following her faith and passions as a ballet teacher for children. She aims to give them something to love like she was once given. As an ultimate goal, she hopes to have a family and a simple life where she can be involved in her community and local church. She’s already on her way to completing her goals already as she embarks on a mission trip to Africa this summer!


Kyle Cavan has been an opportunity for Isabella to show her love for her community at UA and for her sorority. As well as carry a piece of them with her on her missions and everywhere she goes. <3


“College is a pivotal part of life if one chooses to go down that path, and now I get to be reminded of those memories every day for the rest of my life.”


Check out Isabella on IG @isabellarmills for styling inspo, dance and more of her inspiring story!


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