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Due North Blog Graphic

Q&A With Our Founders

Today, we officially launch Due North - a fashion and lifestyle blog inspired by the things we love - great style, strong women, travel, jewelry design and of course you - the people that make our jewelry meaningful.   To kick it off, the #CavanCrew helped us - the founders of KYLE CAVAN - create our very own Vogue-esq video answering 19 questions for 2019. 

Feb 05, 2019

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Today, we officially launch Due North - a fashion and lifestyle blog inspired by the things we love - great style, strong women, travel, jewelry design and of course you - the people that make our jewelry meaningful.  

To kick it off, the #CavanCrew helped us - the founders of KYLE CAVAN - create our very own Vogue-esq video answering 19 questions for 2019We cover everything from why we got started, our spirit animals, to favorite fashion trends. We hope this is the first of many videos to come. 

Our goal this year? To connect with you guys. To share more.  To give you a platform to ask questions and to get to know us. And vice versa. 

And btw - a comparison to Vogue's 73 questions video series is generous. Our video series is as homegrown as you can get but we hope over time it shows you the real us and the real work that goes into building a business from scratch.  

Caroline B., #CavanCrew member and current Elle magazine intern interviews KYLE CAVAN founding team members - Kyle Garcia, Elizabeth Shirley and Elizabeth Garcia.


Interviewer: Hey guys!

Everyone: Hey


Interviewer: Since we aren’t VOGUE, who are you guys?

Kyle: I’m Kyle, I am the Founder and Designer here at KYLE CAVAN.

Elizabeth S: I’m Elizabeth, I’m a Co-Founder and Head of Marketing.

Elizabeth G: I’m Elizabeth Garcia, I manage our brand ambassadors as well as operations.


Interviewer: Kyle, why did you start KYLE CAVAN?

Kyle: I got started with KYLE CAVAN because I wanted a piece of jewelry to remind me of my time at school. It didn’t exist, so we all got started on this adventure to create it.


Interviewer: Elizabeth S, how do you know Kyle?

Elizabeth S: Kyle and I have been friends for over 20 years.

We went to high school together, came back into New York City and lived together, and when she approached me about this idea I thought ‘how cool would it be to start a company with your best friend.’


Interviewer: Elizabeth G, what’s your favorite thing about the brand right now?

Elizabeth G: More women are in college now than men, and I love that we’re a women-owned company creating pieces for those young women.


Interviewer: Kyle, what’s your favorite piece and favorite way to style it?

Kyle: My favorite piece of jewelry is from our architecture collection. It’s our NYU arch and I live right next to Washington Square Park, so it reminds me of home everyday. 


Interviewer: Everyone pick one word to describe KYLE CAVAN.

Elizabeth G: Meanginful.

Elizabeth S: Stylish.

Kyle: Timeless.


Interviewer: Elizabeth S, why are you different from every other college jewelry brand?

Elizabeth S: I think we’re different because we’re really paying attention to the details, the styling, the design of every piece. We want you to be able to wear these pieces everyday, whether you’re in your 30’s or whether you’re 18.


Interviewer: Elizabeth G, What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?

Elizabeth G: I love the big puffer coats.


Interviewer: And Kyle, what’s your least favorite fashion trend right now?

Kyle: I’m hating the ugly sneakers.


Interviewer: Elizabeth S, who’s an artist you always have on repeat?

Elizabeth S: LCD Soundsystem.


Interviewer: What did everyone want to be when they grew up?

Kyle: I really, really wanted to design store windows.

Elizabeth S: I wanted to be a neuroscientist.

Elizabeth G: Marine biologist was my dream.


Interviewer: What’s the most recent place you visited?

Elizabeth S: Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Elizabeth G: Los Angeles.

Kyle: I was down in Cabo.


Interviewer: Kyle, what’s your spirit animal?

Kyle: Definitely a lion.


Interviewer: What’s everyone’s sign?

Elizabeth G: I’m a Virgo.

Elizabeth S: Cancer.

Kyle: Cancer.


Interviewer: Elizabeth G, what’s the first fashion item you saved up for?

Elizabeth G: It was those hip-hugger, True Religion jeans.


Interviewer: Elizabeth S, what schools are you launching next?

Elizabeth S: We just got approval from 25 schools, so we will be launching with many, many new schools. Including Harvard, Georgetown, Fordham, Trinity, Purdue, Kansas, Florida, Texas A&M – there’s so many. Check back.


Interviewer: Kyle, what’s Due North, and why did you decide to call it that?

Kyle: Due North is our passion project. It’s just a blog to be able to elevate the voices of young women out there. And you know Due North really just stands for what it means to have an internal compass of where you’re going and where you’re headed.


Interviewer: And what should we expect in 2019?

Kyle: New styles, new collections, but most importantly our whole Greek collection will be launching very shortly.


Interviewer: Okay great. Thank you guys so much.

Everyone: Thank you. Bye!