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UC Davis Eggheads: A Legacy of Art and Academics

UC Davis Eggheads: A Legacy of Art and Academics

Jun 26, 2024

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If you're ever taking a stroll through the UC Davis campus, you may come across a very large head - and Egghead to be exact. You may even come across five of them. These sculptures are part of former UC Davis professor and artist, Robert Arneson's Egghead series and have been a UC Davis icon since 1991. Made up of five bronze sculptures spread out through the UC Davis campus, they have become a symbol of the artistic and academic aspects of the university and a symbol of pride for graduates. 
Each of the Eggheads is found in a different (sometimes quite hidden) place on campus and depict different "scenes". 

1. Bookhead Shields Library entrance

The only Egghead that has been painted a different color (it's light blue) and a good luck charm for students during exams or finals as it is believed kissing or rubbing it will bring good luck. 

2. Yin & Yang - Art/Music/Theatre Complex entrance

This piece, made up of two separate Eggheads, often lends itself to be used for performance art and other student presentations. 

3. Eye on Mrak (Fatal Laff) Mrak Hall 

Likely one of the most (if not the most) popular of the Eggheads, this sculpture is often photographed by visitors and students alike. It depicts a face in the midst of laughter and on the back, an eye staring directly at Mrak Hall.

4. See No Evil / Hear No Evil - Across the Arboretum Waterway

Composed of two separate Eggheads that appear to be trying to communicate, this piece was moved from its original spot in 1994 in order to build the new Law School. 

5. Stargazer - in a courtyard near South Hall

The fifth and final member of the Eggheads is smiling ever-so-slightly and staring up at the heavens. 

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