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The Carrie Diaries: Podcast Picks

The Carrie Diaries: Podcast Picks

By Carrie Haynes, Tufts University Class of 2021

I start approximately half of my conversations with, “Have you listened to this podcast, yet?” This is usually followed by an emphatic explanation of why I am obsessed with a specific podcast after my friend or family member inevitably says they have not listened to it. 

On the off chance that you are also a person who loves fashion, beauty, politics, history, and true crime (just to name a few!), here are the podcasts that I cannot live without: 

The High Low 

I love the High Low for reading recommendations and analysis of pop-culture from two witty, hilarious British besties. They are refreshingly honest in their vulnerability about what they know and don’t know; I finish each episode with a new perspective and something new to read. 

The Ezra Klein Show 

I love the Ezra Klein show for thoughtful commentary on social and political movements in the US and beyond. Klein’s intentional storytelling and interviews with personalities across the political and social spectrum are stimulating without being stifling. A few favorite episodes: Work as Identity, burnout as lifestyle; Ending the age of animal cruelty, With Bruce Friedrich; and Jill Lepore on America’s two revolutions. 

Forever 35

Forever 35 is marketed as a podcast hosted by two friends “who love to talk about serums.” As a space for women to honestly talk about self-care, the podcast covers way more than face masks and facials. Hosts Kate and Doree talk with their guests about therapy, infertility, and more. In doing so, they’ve created a powerful place on the internet for women of any age. 

This American Life 

Whenever I need to do menial tasks around my apartment (packing, laundry, cleaning, etc.), I like to turn on This American Life. The stories are compelling, and each episode is fitted around an original, often bizarre theme. I like that I can listen to the episodes sporadically and never feel the need to rewind if I miss a few minutes of a story. 

How I Built This 

Host Guy Raz combines individual personalities and corporate arcs into an incredible podcast about entrepreneurship and the people behind huge brand names. Raz’s interviews with female entrepreneurs helped me realize how passionate I felt about working for a young, female-led company (like KYLE CAVAN!). A few favorite episodes are his interviews with Emily Weiss of Glossier, Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream, Jen Rubio of Away, and Katrina Lake of Stick Fix.

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