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Moving Women Forward

Moving Women Forward

This year, graduation is aligning with the 50th anniversary of Title IX, a law that states no person can be denied benefits by an educational institution on the basis of sex. For women, this law increased their participation in college sports, expanded their education opportunities, and so much more. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Moving Women Forward Campaign. 

We know that after college it can feel like a race to win at life, but we feel passionately that everyone has a different path. When imagining the Moving Women Forward Campaign, our founder Kyle was inspired by her time as a swimmer at Duke. While being a college athlete she began to understand that it takes more than ‘playing by the rules’ to get the desired result. You have to step outside the box and define a path of success that is meaningful to you.

She wanted to design a collection that encapsulated this idea of following a nonlinear journey when she came across the word FROWARD (no, that’s not spelled wrong!). 

Froward is an archaic word originally used to negatively describe someone who is willful, or obstinate. Intrigued by the phrase, Kyle decided to give the word a new definition: in a more positive light,

FROWARD means moving forward by defining your own path and expectations; acknowledging that non-linear progress entails guts, courage, resiliency and willfulness.

Further inspired by one of her favorite artists, Kyle had the word FROWARD engraved into our rectangular pendants, so that women can carry with them a reminder to be courageous, and even a little rebellious, with their decisions. 

For this Campaign, we’re excited to be partnering with over 60 influential collegiate women - student-athletes, Olympians, first-gen, law students, and business owners! Plus, we are bringing on the amazing women of the Female Quotient and their network of successful C-Suite level female leaders to help provide mentorship & education. Together, we will be using our platforms to raise awareness, connect, and inspire the next generation of women!

Whether you’re a senior graduating college, a freshman, a D1 athlete, or simply trying to define your path, we’re excited for you to join our campaign as we help move the next generation of women forward! 

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