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Effy's Quarantine Diaries: 1 Week In

Effy's Quarantine Diaries: 1 Week In

Editorial by KYLE CAVAN writer, Effy (University of Ottawa, '21)

It is needless to say that due to the current global crisis we have all unexpectedly hit the pause button on life. For me, the past few weeks have felt quite out of place and out of structure. I now have the pleasure of waking up an hour later than I usually do to get myself ready for work. I don’t need to worry about timing my every move, from coffee breaks, to catching the bus and making sure I get to class on time. Though it can feel like time has stopped and left me with no order or structure, I’ve decided to make this a positive experience for myself by practicing social distancing from the comfort of my lovely home. 


Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak started taking a toll on my daily life, various changes started to take place; the remaining semester of school was moved to online-learning, all sorority events were cancelled, and I was blessed with the privilege of working from home. Although these rapid changes were overwhelming at first, I proceeded to make the most of this rather unfortunate situation. 


Being in quarantine for an unusually long period of time can make you feel like you’re trapped in a bubble. It can also be discomforting. So, I started by setting some daily personal goals to ensure I remain healthy and at peace with myself, throughout this time. I decided to take on a 40-minute yoga and meditation routine every morning at 8 am, a home workout at least 4 times a week, and a complimentary Face-Time wine night with my girlfriends every Friday night. Aside from maintaining my daily work and school schedule, I also set apart some time to enjoy reading my most-beloved books, watching my favourite 2000s rom-coms, writing about my every thought, and painting beautiful pictures. 


Over the course of the past week, being in quarantine has helped me appreciate the beauty of “alone-time.” As unfortunate as the circumstances may be right now, rather than seeing it as a curse I’m putting my all into viewing it as a blessing. We can all use a bit of breathing room to make time for ourselves, to do all the things we dream of doing but can never quite find the time for, and to simply enjoy the little pleasures of life. 


Make your coffee with a little more love today, because you can. Go on a walk if you’re able to, and notice the colour of the sky or smell the fresh air. Make a list of things you’d like to do this week, and do as much as you can, because all we have right now is time. Rather than waiting for it to be over, let’s make it an experience we never want to end.

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